Music on the computer

A german article about music on the computer, a reel synthesizer and tonesynthesis from the prompt.

Free Musicprogramms

This article discuss free musicprogramms and how to use them. It is about Freeware and Open Source Programms on OS X Systems. A faq helps to understand some used words and a linklist shows the downloadsites of the programms.

Grundlagensynth 1.0

Combine and modulate waveforms, testing resonances, programming small sequenzes and adjusting waveshapes.


Grundlagensynth 1.0 runs on the opensource programm puredata. It is a free alternative to max/msp. You can lead and bow midi-datas and audio-signals.


With the free SC it is possible to set up sound direct from the prompt. I am happy to show my first results.

cricket call








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