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"Duo SAUDADE" Juan Zeta and Stephen Steiner play Bossa, Bolero, Rumba, Bachata.

Pra Que Chorar

So Dancos Samba



Outra Vez

red vox shoes blue plays orriginal rhythm and blues.

Marc Reinhard voice, Peter Borfoil bass, Ivan Mangia e-guitar, Marc Stähli drums, Stephen Steiner keys and reeds.

drum'n breath is my dancable Soloprojekt 2006. bassclarinet-, sopransax- and drumloops mixed togesther to a "drum'n breath-cocktail".

breath'n bass 1

breath'n folk 1

breath'n bass 2

breath'n folk 2

breath'n bass 3

The Duo gave his debut in the year 2005 with music from the Renaissance to the Present. The combination Saxophon (Stephen Steiner) und Orgel (Dieter Fuchs) gives a reach, and full sound.

Anitras Tanz (E.Grieg)

Bist du bei mir (J.S.Bach)

Nordische Volksweise 1 (D.Fuchs)

Nordische Volksweise 2

Symphonia 6 (J.S.Bach)

Sonata a moll 1 (G.F.Händel)

Sonata a moll 2

Sonata a moll 3

Sonata a moll 4

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